Monday, December 28, 2009

Poll Results!

Good morning,
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I (Jr Blogger here) am on a little Winter vacation with my grandparents and parents. Soon, my good friend Connor WildSpear will be coming to play with us! We're renting a town house. I'm writing to you now from Sr Blogger's Mac Book, which I cannot play W101 on. As a result, I've been posting on W101 Central, and surfing cool blogs for an ETERNITY.

Now, to the Poll. Recently, I decided to change the template of My 2Cents, in hopes to add a little flare and atmosphere to our blog. I added a poll, with four possible answers.
1. Woot, I love it!
2. Not for my life!
3. Um, I'm not gonna answer that question.

And, drum roll please, we have in 1st place, Woot I love it! with 8 votes!
In 2nd place, we have: Um, I'm not gonna answer that question, with 1 vote!
Finally, tied for 3rd place, we have *SOBS* CHANGE IT BACK! along with: Not for my life!

I'd like to thank all of our fantastic voters and readers for giving us their valued opinion, which without it, this blog would be nothing.

Thanks, Jr Blogger

1 comment:

General Johnson and Commander Lee said...

Hey JR just wanted to say I know how to get counter just one promblem it does not work ask SR for help thanks