Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Pyromancer's Tomb; Tower Chronicles #3

My Wraith ripping up the War Wyrm!

Due to some weird bug, or my novice computer skills, all the text is stuck in the middle! :) That's okay, though.
So here's the story: I'm on Chase, recieving the quest by Cyrus Drake to recieve the Fire Medallion from the Pyromancer's Tomb. None of my buddies were on, so I decided to tough it out, and attempted to solo the dreaded, Pyromancer's Tomb. I made it all the way to the final boss, but it was time for me to get off. 4 more minutes was all I had. I'm about to boost up my Judgement when . . . . time's up. Not wanting to get into trouble, I logged off using the ESC trick.

Later in the day, my friends, Patrick BearHammer, and Cody something-or-other. (Sorry Cody, I'll make a comment with your full name later! I totally spaced out on Wiz 101 Names today) I literally BEGGED Cody and Patrick to help me with the Tomb. Eventually, the 2 of them gave in to my pleas, and agreed to help. Cody whazizname, Patrick BearHammer, and I, set off to complete the dreaded tower.

Finally, at the last stage of the tower, it was up to Cody, Patrick, and me, to defeat the evil boss, (Who's name AGAIN has escaped my mind!) Pictured above you see my vicious Wraith ripping up the bosses minion, a Balance War Wyrm. With Patrick boosting and buffing, and Cody and I on the offensive, we quickly and precisely tore up the remains of the battle, finishing at a minimum of 5 MINUTES! I'd like to say a quick thank you to, Samantha, who helped us through the first flooor, Patrick, and Cody for helping me through the Pyromancer's Tomb! (More pictures will be posted along with the names of the Wizards in the comment area, if possible)
-Chase WillowWeaver
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Anonymous said...

Chase- I though Patrick BearHammer was going to delete his character like you stated in the "Tribute to Patrick BearHammer". What happened? He had a change of heart? Oh and PS we are interviewing a Junior Death rep on Sat you are free to join us 12:00 EST more details to come :)

My2Cents said...

Wizzy Info-Patrick BearHammer did delete his character. He had another character with the exact same name, but a GM Balance. I'll see if I can come to interview.