Friday, December 4, 2009

New Wizard Level...or ?????

I was working my way up the Sprial and discovered this new and incredible bridge! Just kidding. I have been reading JR. Blogger's posts here and find it so interesting when he discusses the various levels and challenges he encounters on Wizard101. I really like the screen shots that are posted of the various levels. I started wondering where these very creative game designers get their great ideas. I don't think you can be "taught" (like in a school) how to visualize such interesting and colorful creations. I thought "you just have to have a good "creative" eye for this type of work". However, I continued to wonder where the inspiration came from for these designers. Then by chance I took a trip to downtown Miami for a business meeting today. As I drove along the roadway I began to marvel at the beautiful architecture of the building, and the entire city skyline with tall building of glass and concret. Lots of palm trees and gumbo limbo trees lined the streets. I drove further into town and had to cross the bridge you see in the picture posted above. A great deal of light was reflecting off the water. The water colors were blue and yellow with streaks of red from the car lights. The sun was behind a veil of dark clouds and gave a yellowish glow to everything. Suddenly this simple bridge and a city skyline became much more than cement and steel and light. It reminded me immediately of one of JR. bloggers screen shots from Wizard101. For one brief moment I felt like I WAS RIGHT IN THE GAME!
Now I believe that the great designers of the Wizard101 game can get their inspiration from all around. From a bridge with unique lights to palm trees in the moonlight or maybe even a lizard running up a wall. These designers are probably very observant. I think this is a good thing. We are all so busy these days with school, work, music lessons, soccer or tennis matches and of course playing Wizard101 that maybe, just maybe we don't take a little time to look around us at our world and see the beauty and specialness of our great and wonderful planet EARTH! I am glad that JR. Blogger posted those screen shots. They got me thinking...and that thinking got me to see a little more of the world around me. I'm going to end this post and look out the window at the real world around me. I hope you will too. But that's just MY2Cents !
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