Thursday, December 31, 2009

Valkoor WillowWeaver, PvP Legend!


Happy New Year's Eve! To kick things off, I would like to wish all of you a prosperous 2010, and I hope you had a fantastic 2009. Pictured above you see my Myth character, Valkoor, who was also our School House Tour Guide. Let me teach you some history about the WillowWeaver family. Chase, was the first character I, Jr Blogger ever created. My W101 career all began when I was watching TV on a Saturday morning with Sr Blogger. Suddenly, a W101 commercial is blaring on our 42" Flat screen TV. I had always been a hard core Nintendo DS player, and I thought that maybe it was time to move on to an MMO.

"Hey dad, do you think I could try that game?," I asked timidly. "Sure, it looks okay, " Sr Blogger kindly replied. Walking over to our computer, I hesitated about trying my first MMO. Is it safe? Is it a waste of time? None of my friends do it. Hmm. Let us cut close to the chase. I made my account, took the school quiz, became a Sorcerer, and named my 1st character, Chase WillowWeaver.

Quickly learning the way of Wizardry, I instantly fell in love with W101. I quested for a bit, and then went over to my friend's house. "Hey dude, I just started plaything this SICK game called Wizard 101", I told my best friend. "Oh yeah, I looked a little at that thing", he replied. In the blink of an eye, we were sat down at the computer, making my best friend's character, Paul FrostTamer, a student of Ice. We quested together, until it was time for me to go home.

When I first got Text Chat on Chase, I learned that there was a dueling system called PvP, and that my school, Balance was supposedly BRILLIANT at it. For the first time in my life, I walked over to Diego the DuelMaster, and began my PvP career. Paul FrostTamer and I, being both in KT, decided to 2v2 a bit. We won, lost, and lost some more. Although we were both measely Privates, we enjoyed ourselves. That summer, I PvP-ed all the time, and raised myself to the rank of Veteran. I insantly found a block at that rank, and could not raise myself even by the slightest amount of rank points.

Being a total PvP addict, I learned that the lower the level, the easier it is to PvP. Soooooo, I made a Myth Noob! That's how our friend, Valkoor WillowWeaver, came into action. PvP-ing with Valkoor was much easier than playing with Chase, and I eventually, got to the rank of Veteran. Once again, I found a block at that rank, and decided to look on W101 Central for a Forum in which I could find a unique tactic. Looking at the PvP ladders, I saw that one wizard, with the name of "Dapangrulez", was a fantastic dueler. I clicked their user page, and decided to look at a screen shot album of their fantastic duelers. I skimmed through the album, until I saw a level 10, Conjurer in full Commander gear, and the rank of OVER LORD!

After I commented on the picture, the next week I recieved a reply from Dapangrulez. "Always take out your minion, and if your minion dies, take out another one", was his advice. Deciding to take a shot at the tactic, I logged onto my account and PvP-ed with Valkoor. Quickly, I saw that Dapangrulez's tactic was perfect. Using that tactic, I brought Valkoor WillowWeaver, the noob Conjurer, to the rank of Captain, and a 9 match win streak! Lastly, I'd like to thank Dapangrulez for his fantastic advice, and I'd like to congratulate Valkoor, the PvP Noob Legend! ! ! ! ;-)

-Jr Blogger
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Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Wow! I can't even get past private! Btw, were you asking a while ago how to put multiple pictures in a post? Because I can tell you if you want.

King of Death said...

I am really bad at pvp. I got my myth level 45 up to a veteran then lost it all. I went all the way back under 500. oh and by the way, can you add my site to your blogroll? its called i addded this site to mine.

My2Cents said...

Thanks, I'd love the advice. Gratz on your blog being posted on Fansites! :)

-King of Death,
I'll add your site right now!!

King of Death said...

Do you want to meet up right now since you're online? If you do, meet my wizard (Cody Deathflame) at Wu realm, commons, behind the waterfall