Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Royal Wizard !!


JR Blogger and SR Blogger and some of our friends went out on a local "safari". We didn't go to Africa but a location not too far from home. If you guessed Disney World you win the 5,000 golden crowns. Even though our "safari" was close to home and not in the true wilds of Africa we had a great adventure. The wonderful animals we got to see were not in cages but allowed to roam free within the enclosures that Disney has built at the Animal Kingdom park. I say they roam "free" but of course there are limitations for the animals. I do think that all of the animals we saw were really healthy looking and seemed at peace with their surroundings. While they were not roaming on the Serengeti plain or in the rain forests of Uganda or Congo as their ancestors had done they still seemed quite content. But, who really knows what is going on in their mind? They are after all "wild" animals and probably would rather be in the "wild" instead of Disney World. This great great GREAT Silverback gorilla is the leader of a family of gorillas that we saw. I just could not believe how majestic and grand he looked. His strength is incredible and as you can see from the picture he is keeping an eye on his domain. Still I am sure he would rather be some where other than Disney World. But that's just My2Cents on the subject.
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