Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Just Finished Watching the USC v. ND Game Last Night!

The game was a tough match-up for ND, but they played hard. Fourth Quarter, 4th and Goal, AND ... THEY MISS IT! Aww. I feel bad for ND. Ha. (Don't tell dad I said that) The final score was um, I think it was, that's right, USC 34-27 ND. What a game! Everybody played hard, and like I said in the post before this, if you always win, you never gain anything from your mistakes. ND might have lost, but they all probably learning something, like not to mess with USC! Great game and I enjoyed watching it!
-JR. Blogger

P.S. This is just my 2cents! ;)


My2Cents said...

Dad is watching...He read what you posted!! Hey, it is OK to post your thoughts because they are just
YOUR2Cents worth!! :) And I respect that.

My2Cents said...

Ha ha very funny! Thank you for your respectation of my respects and my 2cents worth! (Respectation is a made up word!) X,X.