Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Wizard101 Adventures

Hey everybody,
Since I play Wizard101, a successful MMO game, I thought I would tell you a bit about it. In the game, there are seven schools of magic including Balance, Myth, Death, Ice, Storm, Fire, and Life. I am a Balance Wizard, or Sorcerer. There are seven levels of power such as, Novice, Apprentice, Initiate, Adept, Magus, Master, and GrandMaster. At the moment, I am a powerful Master Of Balance. While playing the game, my name is Chase WillowWeaver! Cool huh?

Playing Wizard101, I enjoy browsing the web looking for good information to help me play. Then one day I fell upon a blog titled, Wizard101 Info. Something titled Wizard101 Info sounds like something with information, right??? I soon found that the creators of the blogs names, were, David TitanRider and Dustin MoonCatcher.

While playing on my Balance Sorcerer, I suddenly saw the name, Dustin MoonCatcher. I quickly cried out his name hoping for him to notice. Oh, he noticed all right. He then confirmed my suspicions that he was the very creator of the blog, Wizard101 Info. We were both very excited. That was the beginning of a good-in-game friendship. He then helped me with some Quests, but finally I had to log off due to a Tennis lesson, because I was training for an upcoming team match. I said good-bye and left. The blog, Wizard101 Info, was what inspired me to make the blog you are reading right now. This is, after all, just my 2cents. -JR. Blogger ;)


My2Cents said...

WOW that was really some very good information. From your blog post it sounds like Wizards is a fun and challenging online game. What good fortune for you to meet the creators of that blog about the game. As big and wide (www=world wide web) is it seems that with chance and luck you can actually meet the creators of some of the content on this web.
Have fun but be cautious!
signed, a fan of this blob I mean blog..:) lol rofl.

My2Cents said...

Hahaha! Very funny. Why does it say My2cents, if you are a FAN of this blob? OWNED. Cya.