Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great books

Today I stated reading a great book called Flush, written by the bestseller, Carl Hiaasen. It's one of the kiddie books he's started to write. Boy are they great! SR. Blogger has read about all of his Big Boy novels, and praises them like they are the greatest things in the world. It's a great book and I recommend it to all of you readers, no matter what your age. SR. Blogger sure has great taste! ;) Also, I recommend Hoot, also written by Carl Hiaasen. It's also a great novel. SR. blogger read it to me a few years ago when I was too young to read. Aw! Last but not least is Scat. Yeah, it's name does mean poo-poo caca, but it's written by yours truly, Carl Hiaasen. It's a kiddie one, just like Hoot. I have not read it yet but, I have heard rumors that it is a great book! I hope all you readers decide to whip out a good book and start reading after this post. **Reads book*

-JR. Blogger

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My2Cents said...

Hey JR thanks for the post. This is SR. blogger. I have read almost all of Carl's books which are set in Florida. He is an amazing writer. He has an ability to create the most unusual and sometimes too strange to believe characters. For example one character that appears in several of Mr. Hiasson's stories is an ex Florida Govenor who has one eye, lost faith in modern day society and moved into the wilds of the Everglades to live! He has become friends with the snakes and 'gators (not the football team :) ) and actually eats "road kill"...and finds it tasty. Yummm yummm but not for me!. While this type of character is strange, unusual and almost not believable Hiasson is such a great story teller that he convinces you that it is possible for someone like this govenor to exist and actually live such a life.

What this tells me about writing and the creative process is that whatever the brain comes up with if the time is taken to think about it and then write what you feel even the most bizarre ideas, stories, characters can be made interesting and real for the readers.

George Lucas sure had some interesting and very different ideas for stories and tales set in the outer space and boy did he make them real and believable. Yoda is not a very obvious looking character for such a strong, sensitive and powerful leader but Lucas made him work for the stories and readers and viewers.

Read all you can, enjoy the creative process of writers and now bloggers!!! And do not be afraid of your thoughts.

But that's just MY2Cents worth.