Monday, October 19, 2009

New England Blowout Storm!!

Here it is Monday morning and I am thinking about this past weekend of Professional football. There were many good games and I was able to watch a few "bits and pieces" of a few of the games. I did miss seeing the Dolphins play but that was not because I was too busy doing something else or taking a nap. The reason I didn't watch the Dolphins was THEY HAD A BY WEEK !!!! HA HA HA. They were off and resting!!! I hope the team enjoyed one of the few Sundays when they don't have to compete on the grid iron.

Now to the subject of this post. The New England Blowout! The Patriots played Tennesee Titans and it was a real disaster for the TT team. Not only was the entire game played in a raging snow storm but the Patriots had NO mercy on the Titans. Tom Brady took great delight in running up the score. Making play after play in the snow to not only win, and defeat their opponent but to totally embbarass the other players and team.

The final score was 59 to 0, zero, nada, nothing!! It wasn't a game it was a one sided war with the Patriots having tanks and the Titans having pea shooters. And what's worse?
The Titans forgot to bring the peas !!!

Well, if anyone thinks this was a game that was fun to watch I am not one of those people. Sure it was cool to see the snow and some slipping and sliding but after a few minutes that became a waste of time and also dangerous for the athletes.

Instead of Tom Brady and the Patriots "winning big" I think they made a mockery of themselves and their team and their fans. But then again; that's just my 2 cents.

Karma baby...watchout Brady and Patriots....Karma~~

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