Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Big Day + Halloween!

Do you guys know what today is? IT'S GAME DAY! IT'S THE BULLDOGS V. THE GATORS! GRRRR! THE GATORS ARE GOING DOWN THIS YEAR ARGGGHHHHH! (No offense Gator fans :)) This is gonna be SICK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I CAN"T WAIT AHHHHHHHHH! WOOT YAH! Good luck everybody!

Happy Halloween! I'm gonna be a giant LEGO Brick! I made it too! I can't wait to see how much candy I get, if any. :) I'm going Trick-or-Treating with my good friend. I hope everybody gets a horde of candy! Happy Hallowe'en!

-JR. Blogger


My2Cents said...

Hi JR Blogger...Happy Halloween to you too. I think you Lego block costume is really super. It is nice to see originality and thought go into an outfit and not just a "store bought" costume. But then again that just My2Cents worth of a comment! :)

I am sure you and your friend will have a lot of fun as you trick or treat around town. It is nice to have a friend that you enjoy spending time with and sharing experiences. Have fun and enjoy the day. Mother Nature looks like she is smiling on everyone in our area by holding off on the rain and providing mild warm breezes and almost a full moon!!! What could be better on Halloween? I remember so many Halloweens from my days when I was Jr and not Sr! They were fun and I am happy that you and your friends are having these same positive experiences. All treats and no tricks was my motto...but then again that's just MY2CENTS.

My2Cents said...

Go Dawgs!! WOW how could I forget to comment on this part of your post?
Yes we sure want the Georgia Dawgs to win! And we want your cousin to have a very productive day and maybe even "save the game"!! That would upset your teacher who is a very active and faithful Gator fan. That is what makes sporting events so much fun. Everyone has their "favorite" team, player or league! We also hope that the Canes win today. I had them as my favorite team until your cousin got to the Canes are second to the Dawgs--even in a head to head match I would have to side with the Dawgs! Others might disagree but that just MY2Cents on the subject. Go Dawgs!