Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Football Season, Now what?

Some teams I like and some teams I like to dislike. Georgia ranks high on my like list...ND low.
I am an emotional fan but try to keep the emotions stuffed inside. I don't yell and scream unless a long field goal is made by the Georgia kicker...or Jacory Harris passes for 50+ yards. Any team ranked above my faves needs to lose regardless of division or players.

If the Dolphins win and New England loses I consider Sunday to be a great day. But then comes Monday night football....and it all starts over again.

It's a crazy sport with kids playing their hearts out for NO $$$ and the pros playing to make up for what they didn't get during their college years.

I think a full scholarship is great for a college football player but they should get a share of the millions the schools rank in...but then again that's just my 2 cents.


My2Cents said...

I totally agree with the junior blogger on this site. He has some good observations!!! Go JR. Blogger!!!

My2Cents said...

My daddy posted that for me! YAY! Go daddy! He was the one who created this site! BOO-YAH!
-Junior Blogger

My2Cents said...

Hey daddy,
I am really glad we made this site together! It's so much fun! :D Cya

My2Cents said...

Hey SR. Blogger,
It's the JR. blogger! I'm having lots of fun posting different things on My2cents! My2cents. I NEVER would have thought of a name like that.
-JR. Blogger