Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cold weather here...not here...

We had a cold "snap" the other day. Break out the long pants, sweaters and socks. Oh boy it's winter!! NOT. The cold "snap" plunged the mercury to a bone chilling 58 degrees. Remember water freezes at 32 degrees so there was not need to worry about bursting pipes or finding lakes to skate on. 58 degrees heck that's summer to our friends in Norway. Oh well we can pretend can't we?

The "cold snap" lasted all of 36 hours and today the temperature is back in the 80's.

Was that 36 hours our winter? Will it ever get colder than 58 degrees? Why is it that no matter how cold it gets here in Florida it just doesn't seem like winter when there are coconut palm trees everywhere? Just MY2Cents about winter in this sunny wonderland.

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