Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Hi all,
Dad, why does it stay SOOOO warm here when it's pretty much WINTER? It's SOOOO boring. I wake up in the morning. Morning! OOH look at the temperature, it's 58! Next day, AWW it's 89 again! I already had my jacket and long johns out! SEE? MY POINT? The weather is LAME. Mother Nature needs to try a different routine sometime. Huh.

Mother Nature, if you are reading this PLEASE make it cooler than 90 degrees once in a while.
-JR. Blogger

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My2Cents said...

It's NOT NICE to fool mother nature!! That's an old slogan from a TV commercial. I think it was about a fake type of butter or some other product that was not from "nature".

Well, about the warm weather here in South Florida---I tend to agree with your post on some points. Every day sunshine. Every day warm weather (sometimes very very fact down right HOT HOT HOT). Every day clear blue skies and sometimes big puffy white clouds. Every day beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Every day warm water to swim in. Every day clean fresh air with the smell of the tropical breezes. Every day a day with out the smog of big cities like New York and London. Every day shorts and t-shirts. Every day green grass and no dirty slush from melting snow. Every day warm sand at the beach and trees filled with flowers and coconuts.

Blog poster you are so right this place is lame with the same weather happening every day!!!

But then again that's just MY2Cents worth! :)