Saturday, October 17, 2009

USC v. ND. Gators v. Razorbacks It's on!

At the moment, I am watching USC, ranked 3 in the Pac10, bring down ND, ranked 25 in the Pac10. It was such an intense game, I fell asleep! **yawns* 20 minute nap doesn't hurt, right? The score was 34 with USC leading, and 20 with ND in wake. By the time the game ends, I am not sure that the scores will be entirely correct. **changes channel* It's the Gators against the Razorbacks! The score, at the moment, is holding at a solid 20-20. I have a good friend who is a huge fan of the Gators QB, Tim Tebow. A few weeks ago, together we had watched Tebow whack his head right on his lineman's knee. Ouch! Tebow was out for the game, and had a nasty concussion. Oh no! Tebow is back in the running now and doing great. **applauds* Like I said, by the time the games are done, I doubt that my scores will be correct, but this is just my 2cents. Wish your favorite team luck!

P.S. This is the JR. Blogger's first post! I hope you liked! =)

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