Saturday, October 17, 2009

End of the USC v. ND game! Great game!

I was watching the end of the USC v. ND game over a yummy dinner of pasta and meatballs that mom made. YUM! In the end both USC and ND played a great game. But, after all, USC emerged victorious leading by 7 points. The final score was USC 34-27 ND. Like dad said in an older post, football is a game of kids playing their hearts out for the fun of it. Even a loss is a gain because of the things you learned to use in the next season. If you only win, you will not gain any experience because you always played perfectly, and did not learn from any of your mistakes. Then again, it is pretty sweet to obtain an undefeated season, but this is just my 2cents. ;)
-The younger blogger

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