Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas v. Missouri

Dad and I were watching the Texas v. Missouri game last night. We all knew who would win... Texas. No offense to you Missouri fans, but Missouri ain't even ranked. Texas, ranked 3, v. Missouri, ranked nada, (nothing), might not have been the best match up. I had to go to bed because it was getting late, but the score was Texas 21-7 Missouri. I will ask dad for the final score of the game, and then I will be able to write a full post about the game, but this is jut my2cents.

-JR. Blogger ;)

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My2Cents said...

Score update: 41 to 7. Texas won big time.

It was a one sided game but that often happens early in the football season. When highly ranked teams like (Texas) with lots of returning starters from the previous season meet and play unranked teams like Mizz then unless there is a majore UPSET the ranked team will dominate.

However there is a saying "on any given day"...that means that sometimes the underdog defeats the BIG DOG. JR. Blogger and I once saw this happen at Rutgers Stadium.

Rutgers a previously unranked team with little hope of defeating the powerhouse Miami Hurricanes UPSET the Canes in Piscataway at the Rutgers home stadium. Blogger JR was pretty young so he may not remember it...but he will remember the canons going off when Rutgers scored their touchdowns.

Never think you can't win. If you do think that chances are you will not win. Just remember "on any given day"...

But then again that's just MY2Cents worth...