Monday, November 30, 2009

MarleyBone Mansions, Reaching a Chessy Hand to the Sky

Last night, I teleported to my buddy, Patrick BearHammer, and found myself literally floating in the sky. The owner of this fantastic MarleyBone Mansion, went above and beyond when they defied physics and built a ChessBoard Bridge, decending from the front steps, into the deep depths of the midnight blue sky. This is yet another reason why I like the game, Wizard 101. Unlike real life, in Wizard 101 you can build bridges that defy physics, with the simple muttering of a few magical chants. This awe-inspiring house used over 15 Chessboards to build a bridge, from the garden house, all the way to the end of the property. Unfortunately, I am once again unable to name the owner of this house, but I praise the owner, and am sorry I did not catch the name of the realtor. Great Castle!
-Chase WillowWeaver
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