Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Defeat Of Orin GrimCaster


This morning, while playing my level 44, Sorcerer, I was given the challenge of defeating the dreaded Orin GrimCaster. The rank 8 boss, had a staggering amount of 3,800 health, and was a Master Of Death. I requested assistance from a friend's friend and his friend. :). I was therefore assisted by a GM Death, and level 48 Storm. We raced through the levels of the tower passing over the cold, hard, metallic floors of the FleshLess Tower. Finally, at the fifth level, we were confronted by Orin GrimCaster himself. You see, Connor, level 48 Storm dealing the final hit upon Orin GrimCaster with the almighty spell, Storm Lord. I took a screen shot and used the keyboard trick, Ctrl G. Unfotunately, my computer unexpectedly froze and I was stuck in a single position for five minutes. Finally, I recovered and was prompted to turn in the quest. I would like to say thank you to Connor, and Ryan for helping me defeat the FleshLess Tower. This is the second epic post of the DragonSpyre Tower Chronicles.
-JR. Bloggger/Chase WillowWeaver
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