Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jason LegendBlossom's Wild Bolt hit 5,929


Good afternoon!,
While defeating a challenging boss in the midst of the Crucible, I was greeted by old friends, Jason LegendBlossom, along with Brianna FireGem. Earlier that morning, I attempted to defeat a boss, of which their name has escaped my memory. Jason, a heavy Wild Bolter, enjoys defeating bosses in single, powerful hits. Boosting up Jason as much as I could, with Brianna on defense, Jason eventually drew a Wild Bolt treasure card. With such an amount of blades and traps, Jason's legendary Bolt succeeded in one hitting the boss with a staggering amount of damage: 5,929. Almost hit the 6,000's that Bolt! All in all, I would like to thank Jason LegendBlossom, and Brianna FireGem for helping me defeat the difficult boss, and I would like to congratulate Jason on his powerful hit upon the monster. Great job!
-Chase WillowWeaver/ JR. Blogger
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David T. said...

The name is Katia Firewinter


-David T.

My2Cents said...

David TitanRider recently posted a comment stating that the boss's name was Katia FireWinter. I am for some reason unable to publish the comment, but would like to inform you of the comment. Thank you!

My2Cents said...

Looks like the comment got published. Maybe thanks to SR. blogger or the mysterious minions of the web. :)