Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tribute To Patrick BearHammer, Level 50 Theurgist

In the pic above, you see my good old friend Patrick BearHammer. Last night, Patrick announced that he unfortunately would be deleting his character forever. Dumbstruck, all I could say was a measly, "Wha?". Even after a long and sad conversation with Patrick, he still would not reveal why he was deleting his character. Luckily, I am friends with Patrick's other character, Patrick BearHammer II, Grand Sorcerer. In my post about Sylvia Drake's Tomb, Patrick was the one helping me through the tower. I was even planning to invite Patrick to help me defeat the Grand Tower in Colossus Blvd, when the time comes. But, alas, oh-well. As a final tribute to my "deceased" friend, Patrick BearHammer, I post him on my blog, and I hope that all of Pat's old friends will remember him as a great Wizard, and more importantly, friend.

With best regards to Pat,
JR. Blogger/Chase WillowWeaver
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My2Cents said...

Good post JR. It got me thinking about friendships and I decided to write a post...check it out.

Anonymous said...

To bad about Pat.
I have never understood how GrandMaster players feel the need to delete their character's for whatever reason. When you work so hard, why press a button and lose all your work, you know?

David T. said...

Thats a shame to just quit on him. Oh dustin was here. Chase you might want to read our newest post it will catch you up so cya

My2Cents said...

Hi David, Dustin, Daddy!
Yes, it is somewhat strange why GM simply delete their characters. It is a shame to delete him. I miss you lots daddy! I read your new post already, I think. I don't think I can make Sunday Moments. AH, I fighting Orin GrimCaster atm. Bye!