Monday, November 30, 2009

Squaring Off In the Depths of Grizzleheim!

**Jabs* *Misses* *Jams finger* *Gives up fight*

The other day, while cruising around on my new Royal Lioness mount, I randomly teleported to Grizzleheim, otherwise known as GH. All worlds in the Spiral have a minigames area, where you may regain lost mana. Each world has a unique "fairgrounds", and Grizzleheim has one of the most interesting. In the very middle of the GH Fairgrounds, 2 very angry bears, both in twinkling black armor, began to have a fist fight, but instead of fists, they fought with swords, and shields. Since it was close to Thanksgiving, I wanted to be thankful, and I attempted to break the gory battle up. Unfortunately, I was obliged to stay away when one of the bears began to turn his explosive wrath on me. Luckily, my Baby Royal Lioness and I escaped unharmed, but how the losing bear left, is yet to be unknown. Let this be a lesson to all of you mean MarleyBone Rat Gangs and such: BE THANKFUL, AND DON'T FIGHT UNLESS YOU ARE USING SELF DEFENSE!

A frightened JR. Blogger/A frightened Chase WillowWeaver
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