Monday, November 16, 2009

New Judgement Record! Hit Vika MarkMaker with over 6,000!

Congratz to me! A few minutes ago, while assisting my friend, Neela StormBringer, with the difficult task of defeating Vika MarkMaker, my Judgement hit over 6,000! Sorry to inform you, but I was so stunned that I forgot to take a screen shot, hehe. At least I have it in my memory! **Taps noggin* A Feint, Hex, Balance Blade, BladeStorm, an extra 30% Balance strength, full Power Pips, the support of friends, and a hint of luck brought me up the road to 6,000! Boo-Yah! Thanks to Neela StormBringer for finishing up the final minion. See you in the spiral!
-JR. Blogger/ Chase WillowWeaver

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My2Cents said...

Congratz to you CWW. Good work. It seems that you are having a run of good luck with your battles and conquests. It is nice to see you are being assisted by friends on the site. Remember to pay back a good deed with a good deed. Sr. blogger from the frozen lands up north!