Monday, November 9, 2009

Tennis ... Blogging ... Whatnot

Hi everybody!,
First of all, I would like to inform you all that SR. Blogger and I, have recently reached 40 Views! That's a great achievement in SR. and JR. Bloggers' book alike. Probably most of the views have been yours truly, me, and some friends. Who knows, everybody alwasy stumbles upon a random site while searching the web, am I right??? Well, let's have a round of applause for SR. Blogger and I! **Cricket Chirps* Okay thanks anyway!

Next, I would like to tell you that I had a fantastic tennis match last Saturday! Here's the epic story: I'm playing doubles with a good friend of mine, and we're waiting to play in the second round of our JR. Tennis League match for the day. Our tennis instructor, calls our names and leads us to our courts to warm up before we start playing. We learned soon after we would be playing 2 children about the same age as us as a practice match. One of the players, had defeated the very JR. Blogger in a past USTA match. Therefore, I was determined to make up for my loss.

The score was 7-5 with JR. Blogger and his partner in the lead. We lost 2 games and the score was now 7-7. We were SUPPOSED to be playing a tie-break, but unfortunately our "genius" parents came to the conclusion that the tie-break was to be played at 8-8. So, we lost the game and continued on to the end of the match. Finally, we played a tie-breaker at 7-8 with the other team in the lead. After a painfully long tie-break, we lost. How we lost; We don't understand. Sorry SR. Blogger, but my partner and I somewhat blame it on the parents. Not you, of course, or mom, but the OTHER parents!

All in all, it was a great match and I congratulate the other team for their VERY LUCKY win over JR. Blogger and his friend. Grrrr! Thanks for watching SR. Blogger, along with MRS. Mommy.

-JR. Blogger

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My2Cents said...

Guilty as charged!! My, out bad as you say. We should have followed the tennis coach's advice: Let the players determine, the score, what is in or out and how the match is conducted. Parents STAY QUIET AND OUT OF THE MATCH. I guess even SR's can learn from experiences like this.
Sorry you lost but you and your partner played awesome tennis and it was exciting for all the busy body parents to watch. Onwards!!