Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Wizard101 World ?

Following up on my previous post about being thankful for the things that come our way. Here is a picture I took this morning. I was unhappy that I woke up early on a Saturday morning. I wanted to sleep late. Instead of rolling over and being angry I got up and walked to the patio and looked out. WOW it was like looking into one of JR Bloggers Wizard101 levels. At first a strange light started to emerge from the darkness, then as it got brighter and brighter birds began to appear, some big fish rolled around in the water and the clouds began to glow. Was I in Wizards101 or what? In 10 or 15 minutes a huge orange glob began rising out of the sea. It was the sun announcing the start of another day. In one short moment the entire horizon went from total black to bright orange.  Then yellow and pink colors streaked across the sky like a jet plane leaving their contrails of white streaks. It was magical and wonderful.  I am so thankful I did not roll over and go back to sleep but got up and checked out the day! I found the silver lining after thinking waking up so early on a Saturday morning was a dark cloud. But then again this is just My2Cents worth of thinking. Have a great day. SR Blogger.
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