Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inspring Wizards Across the Spiral!


Ah, Dustin & David. The dynamic duo. The owners of the hit Blog, Wizard 101 Info. My virtual buddies on Wizard 101. More importantly, my blogging inspiration.

Dustin MoonCatcher, and David TitanRider, recently entered Wizard 101's top fansites page with their blog: Wizard 101 Info. I was a regular reader of their blog, and eventually found myself reading their blog whenever possible in my crowded life. One day, I was playing on my weaker Theurgist, Valerian WillowWeaver, when I found myself staring right into the deep brown eyes of Dustin MoonCatcher, the famed owner of Wizard 101 Info. "Dustin, are you THE Dustin from Wizard 101 Info?", I questioned. "That'd be me, Valerian," Dustin cooly replied. Losing my own cool, I jumped up and down not only on my virtual character, but in real life, also.

Perhaps some of my dynamics had rubbed off onto Dustin because, within the next 10 seconds, both Dustin and I were jumping for joy at the thought of meeting a famed blogger, Dustin, and the #1 fan, me. Dustin hurriedly added me to his buddy list and then he texted the Co. Owner of his blog, and cousin, David TitanRider. Dustin was so happy when I started screaming in glee and enjoyment because of David's presence. The very next day, Dustin himself wrote a 5 paragraph long post about meeting me and our 1 day adventures. One day, I asked Dustin and David if keeping a blog was quite difficult. Truthfully, they both answered that it wasn't exactly the toughest, nor easiest thing in the Spiral.

Hopes high, the next day I was SHOCKED to be informed by my father that the last year, he had started a blog of his own for fun, and had never really used it. My generous father gave half ownership of the blog to me, and half to himself, thus starting this new blog, My2Cents. All in all, I'd like to thank Dustin MoonCatcher, David TitanRider, and Daddy for helping me start this fun site for writing practice, and my favourite video game, Wizard 101. The picture above shows David, Dustin, and I posing for a picture in DragonSpyre. Be sure to visit David and Dustin's Blog,!

Best regards,
Chase WillowWeaver/ JR. Blogger
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David T. said...

lol anyway you can add a website by right clicking on like that address bar (aka the place that says like and copy and paste it into a post

David T

Anonymous said...

Ah, Chase. I remember it well. May David, you, and I continue to cast as many spells as our wills command us! A fabulous post... *blushes*
Thanks for the mention buddy!

My2Cents said...

Thanks to you for recommending my blog! I sure owe it all to Wizard 101 Info and Co.!