Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wizard 101 (DragonSpyre Past)


As you know from earlier posts, I am a hardcore Wizard101 Gamer. I thought since I recently learned how to post screenshots of the game, I could take a few pics of the game Wizard101 itself. The scene you see above, is in the final world, DragonSpyre. Only the most powerful wizards are allowed to test their skills among other powerful duelers in DragonSpyre.(That would be me, ahem.) DragonSpyre was once a great civilization and had a strange interest in Fire Magic, or Pyromancy. They were SOOOOO obsessed with Fire Magic, that in turn, they used it to summon the great Dragon Titan. Unfortunately, their not-so genius plan backfired, and the great Titan sort of blew up all the goodness in their world. The picture was taken when the world was still peaceful and happy. The sky blue flowing water you see above is now scarlet red lava. Everything that is in one piece is now in about 100 pieces. I hope someday, a great wizard will summon a nicer Dragon Titan and restore DragonSpyre to it's old self. Now you know a little bit of Wizard 101 literature! :) I hope you liked the pic. (Click to enlarge)

-JR. Blogger
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My2Cents said...

Wow this is quite interesting. I as you know am a "newbie" with regard to Wizard101 so all of this information is fresh to my way of thinking.
I can see why you are interested in this web based game. It has quite a few levels and many different ways to progress and battle.
I think I will take some time (when I have it) to explore the world of Wizard101 and become more familiar with the game. Thanks for sharing this information and I really really really love the screen shots.

The screen shots add a nice element to your posts. They visualize your writing and make some of the words
"come alive". Nothing can replace good descriptive writing but having some relevant pictures sure does add to the reader's experience.

Jake said...

Hey Chase its me David T. Just to clarify a few things ... The storyline for the grandchasm is actually that yes they summoned the Dragon titand and yes its blew everything up. BUT the dragon titan actually used an army to conguer because the lazlor person or whatever says the dragon titans army is coming so ya know. GREAT BLOG cya D.T

My2Cents said...

Why, thank you David! I forgot that he actually summoned a large army to help him conquer the world! Thx a million! Good job with your site, Wizard101 Info too! Feel free to post any more comments on anything that you think could be better. Thx for viewing!

-Chase WillowWeaver/JR. Blogger

David T. said...

Hola this is a test comment