Monday, November 9, 2009

Computer Games versus Real Life Games

I have been following JR's posts about Wizard101 and his exploits and descriptions of battles. They are quite interesting and even exciting at times. But, being a bit older than JR I have not been "hooked" (so to speak) as he has on these computer based games and challenges. However, this weekend I did get to see a type of competition I would say is compelling, exciting and had me "hooked".

This competition wasn't on a computer screen, an iphone or DS. It was on a real hard surface tennis court. Jr, a few of his friends, his momma and I went to see the Chris Evert charity tennis tournament in Delray Beach Florida. Now this event is not really hard core tennis. It is an event to raise money for Chris Evert's favorite charity.
The charity is for a children's hospital and it really is a great event.

The competition is fast and most importantly funny!! You ask "how can a tennis match be funny?" Well, this isn't a normal everyday type of tennis match. It's all for fun.
Chris Evert invites some really great and famous tennis players to play tennis with TV and movie stars. As an example the really great Martina Navratilova was there and also the host of the Today show Matt Laur. They played in a doubles competition and it was so much fun to watch. Sometimes they played for real and sometimes just for the fun of it. All the players had microphones on and we could hear them talking and making fun of each others shots and strategies. It was great!! Everyone in the viewing stand was laughing and having a great time.

Now I'm not saying that going to a "live" event is better than playing a "computer" game but I can tell you it was great to be with a lot of other people and hearing and feeling their reactions to the tennis event. To me it was more of a "social" experience instead of a "solo" isolate game experience with a computer screen.

I think it's best to have a mix of both experiences in life but then again that's just MY2CENTS.

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