Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wizard101 (DragonSpyre present)


In an earlier post, I mentioned how present day DragonSpyre looks. Well, I thought I would take a screen shot and really show you the difference between the past and the present. Unlike the past, present day DragonSpyre has a dark, cloudy, and gloomy sky. Also, all the lava you see in the pic, was once a majestic flowing and COLD fountain. Also, notice that everything just seems to become gloomier, and depressed. Now you understand why I was hoping that a great wizard would come and summon the Dragon Titan to right this horrible wrong. (Sry for not so great quality, I couldn't do anything to help)

-JR. Blogger (Click to enlarge)
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My2Cents said...

Thanks for updating the previous post. It is very interesting to see the differences. Good job.