Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bridge Into the Heavens... or maybe DragonSpyre


A few minutes ago, I was hanging out with my friend, Lucas SoulHunter, when he told me to teleport to him. Excited to see what Lucas had discovered, I hurriedly opened my buddy list and teleported. Laying before my very eyes was, A GIANT DRAGONSPYRE HOUSE. You're thinking, "Oh wow, a castle, big woof," but this was not just ANY Castle. Right in front of my face, was a GIANT, LONG, and BLUE, rug bridge! Some wizards enjoy playing with fun bugs with their castles. As you can see, this wizard ADORES playing with bugs. This bridge, reached out and grabbed at the clouds, starting from the inside of a stone wall, and ending in the middle of nowhere. It took me 1 whole minute to cross from one side of the spectacular bridge, to the other side. There were many people gawking at the great wonder as I strode down the long majestic bridge. How they discovered this glitch, I do not now. If this was the greatest house I have ever seen, I know the answer. YES!!! Pictured above you see Lucas SoulHunter in the dark green, Kevin in the light brown-ish, and me, Chase WillowWeaver, in the weird Wolf hat, snake hide robe, and iron boots. I will post more pictures that I have taken because, unfortunately, it is beyond my blogging knowledge how to post numerous pictures in a single post. My apologies ... Also, I do not know the owner of this great house, but if you are reading Mr. Owner, I would like to say great house!
-JR. Blogger/Chase WillowWeaver

P.S. If any of you readers know how to post numerous pictures in a single post, please comment and inform me how to do it. Thanks!
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Anonymous said...

Woah. That is really just crazy. And if I used Blogger, I would tell you how to put multiple pictures in. I know how on WordPress, though...