Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wizard 101 Sylvia Drake's Tomb


Good moring everybody,
This morning, while playing my level 44, Balance Sorcerer, I finally reached the terrifying tower of Sylvia Drake. Sylvia Drake is the ghost of Malistaire Drake's wife. Imagine Malistaire as the evil Voldemort of Harry Potter. Malistaire and Sylvia both were RavenWood, School of Magic teachers, before Sylvia passed away. One unfortunate day, Sylvia became sick with a horrible sickness that, although she was a Life teacher, could not stop. Eventually, Sylvia passed away, and Malistaire, driven by his love for the now dead Sylvia, went insane and fled Wizard City. Also, Malistaire could not bring himself to leave behind Sylvia, so he took her body with him to another world, DragonSpyre.

Now that you've learned a bit of the storyline, I'll tell you about the tower. After, basically begging my level 50 Life friend, Patrick BearHammer to help me with the difficult tower, we set off on our expedition. On our way we battled through 5 floors of monsters and darkness, when we finally came upon Sylvia Drake. Because Malistaire did not want Sylvia to be gone forever, he imprisoned her very soul into the body of a Wraith. Now, Sylvia, once a beautiful teacher, is an ugly black Wraith, that you see above. I dealt one of the final hits on the Wraith/Sylvia with the spell Judgement. As you can see, my Judgement was a bit underpowered and did not finish off the ghastly Wraith. Patrick BearHammer quotes, "I fiz", because what would have been the final hit, had fizzed out and disappeared in a puff of ash. Finally, at the end of the battle, Patrick finished off the evil Wraith with a FAR overpowered Centaur. Which I like to call, "OVERKILL!"

After a long tower, a tough boss fight, and lots of monsters, Patrick BearHammer, level 50 Theurgist, and I, Chase WillowWeaver, level 44 Sorcerer, were ready to head back to the Basilica and turn in our hard earned XP. We had a great time fighting together, and next time we do a tower together, I will be sure to write a post about out adventures. Thanks lots Patrick! (Click to enlarge)

Yours truly,
JR. Blogger/Chase WillowWeaver
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My2Cents said...

Well this is a very interesting post JR. I am impressed that you and a friend teamed up and made such a strong effort to grow even more powerful!!

I suppose I will now have to post my thoughts on your gaming and Wizard101 activities. Put on your seat belt it could be a rough, tough ride!!!

FreeWIZARD101memberships said...

Wizard101 is all about team work. It is very hard to win battles later in the game all by yourself. I love how the game promotes working together.