Saturday, November 21, 2009

Awesome House, Times 2!


Just the other day ago, I was hanging out with a friend of mine, Cassandra RavenBlood. Cassandra, or Cass, as I like to call her, told me to teleport to a friend of her's house. Trying to be helpful, I opened up my Buddy List and teleported to the warm and tropical Desert Villa. Amazed, I found myself to be standing on a single Chessboard in the center of the sky! In a most recent post, I stated that some Wizards enjoy browsing fun castle "Bugs" in their spare time. This Wizard seemed to have spent ALL of their time on these "bugs". A true gateway to heaven, that chessboard mountain was. Also, the owner of the house seemed to have planted virtual trees all around the perimeter of a great fountain, therefore standing up into the next level. Also, pictured you see many levels of metal steps reaching into the sky, posing as great doorsteps. Unfortunately, it STILL is beyond my blogging knowledge on how to post numerous screen shots in a single post. Once again, if you know how to post screen shots, PLEASE COMMENT HOW TO DO IT ASAP! Thanks a million! Nice house if you are watching Mr. Owner!
-JR. Blogger/ Chase WillowWeaver
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