Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not Such Great News

Georgia lost last Saturday! Aw, we were stomped flat into the ground. Gators 31-10 Georgia, if I am correct. That completely stinks for SR. and JR. Blogger alike. **Groans* At least it was great to watch! Great game Gators and Dawgs fans!

Happy Belated Halloween! Halloween was great, and I got like, 81 pieces of yummies! Yay! It was SOOOO, much fun. It was hilarious when our golf cart, which was rented by the way, ran out of juice! In the end, it turned out fine because we were riding with a group of 6 carts, so the kids just rode home, while the other adults worked on towing the broken down cart. I got to have fun at my friend's house though! I hope all of you readers had a great time that night, but this is just my 2cents!

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